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May 23 2018

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I love how Martin asks me if I like that ball in my mouth and when I say, “yes”, he tells me that my mouth misses the ball!  And it’s true!  It’s been too long and though I thought it was going to be a bit of a challenge since it’s been a while, I was very wrong.  In fact, it felt natural again.  As though it belongs.  It also helped that I was in my favorite position - hogited.  Gagged, soaked and hogtied.  I love when I love the situation I’m in!  The position couldn’t have been more perfect for the day to break in my yearning mouth.   @originalrigger   www.AsianaStarr.com

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I have never been able to cum twice while bound and gagged, ever… except in bed.  Tonight was the first time it happened.  During the live show, Martin strapped the wand to my pussy and set the vibe on low and teased me until I came to orgasm and never untied me.  I was kept in the same position, the entire time, and I was not allowed to get out until I came again.  On an average day, I would’ve thought this was impossible because by the way Martin ties me and for how long he keeps me there, I can never handle a second one.  I knew this time I could because we were in a more comfortable and cooler setting and I LOVED how silenced I was and I LOVED the position I was in.  Tightly tied and very spread.     @originalrigger  www.AsianaStarr.com

The most perfect bondage model on the planet. She cannot be any hotter.

Top Notch. I second that motion. I found two of her videos online surfing for sadistic ideas. I spent time making good girls go bad doing BDSM videos in Las Vegas with Master Leo.

I enjoy watching Martin’s chemistry with AsianaStarr. Her ability to take whatever he does is OMG Priceless. Everything they do works and there always things going on.

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