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August 06 2017

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“Wrong answer,” my employer stated. He pushed the cattle prod agains her pussy and shocked her there. “Remember, everything you tell us, we check by pushing a hot poke inside the anus of your sister. And yes, for every refusal or wrong answer, you will be punished. So, let’s try again…”

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Hanging around, ready and completely open for phase two in interrogation….

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This mother offered to take the place of her daughter in interrogation. Because my employer is not interested in negotiation, he falsely agreed. And then, made the mother the example of what would happen to the daughter. Every torture she would endure for a question unanswered…she would first be forced to watch how her mother would be put through that torture…

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DenHeart didn’t seem to mind being here for an extended session very much at all. Her nipples, however, held a different opinion due to the insistent persuasion of that metal weight.

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Can’t close your legs? Good, we can have fun now.

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July 25 2017

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Gina Valentina | Forced to Sex In Public

Gina Valentina, bound and abused in the streets.

Cute creature of the night, Gina Valentina is the helpless teen in this public sex video. And since the lost lady finds herself in a movie from BrutalPickups, she is at the mercy of an evil bad egg who strips her nude, bound, and fucks her brutally … Continue reading

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Arwen Gold | Lingerie Clad Passion

Arwen Gold | Fashionable Anal.

Stockings fetish and the love for lingerie meets passionate sex in Lingerie Clad Passion. Long-legged actress Arwen Gold meets Clarke … Continue reading

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Miley Cyrus Strap-On Nude by Terry Richardson

Miley Cyrus With A Gentle Touch Of Fetish For Candy Magazine.

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SEXY TREAT Featuring: Nedda A - Photos By: Albert Varin

(via SexArt)

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Holly Wood and her naked slaves girls

Holly Wood | Delightfully dominating innocent girls. Natural redhead Holly Wood is a Dominatrix from the heart. The long-legged Mistress at Society SM treats her submissive slave girls with lovingly selected ways of torment that create an irrestible intense experience for the subs and the spectator. Dressed in her signature black leather High Heel Boots … Continue reading

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